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Heather Cudd
Heather Cudd
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This unit is top notch! It efficient in every sense of the word. Our house is cool, the temperature is evenly distributed throughout, and the unit is impeccably quiet. Our installation process was easy and they did a great job installing our new unit.
Larry Day
Larry Day
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I had a new aciq 80 percent, Air-Furnace system Installed by HVAC Direct, I am very happy with the work that was done and would buy from them again and highly recommend them. George, Tom, and Andy, were involved in the sales and installation. My son also had a new heat pump installed at his home and he is very pleased
Brian Lanich
Brian Lanich
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What a great choice to purchase an ACIQ. Additionally, I would highly recommend purchasing from HVACDirect.com. Great people to work with offering great products and outstanding prices.
Jack Elliott
Jack Elliott
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The entire process of getting my HVAC system was handled amazingly, from someone sizing the correct system to purchasing and installation. But what got me excited was the incredible savings. Going with HVACDirect.com of Cincinnati cut my costs in half compared to another local company's quote. I Now, I'm looking forward to the long-term benefits too. Thanks to the ACIQ heat pump system they set me up with, I expect some nice savings to come on my future electric bills.
Spencer Griswold
Spencer Griswold
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Showed up on time and everything went as expected. Would definitely recommend and use again. Saved a ton of money.
Chris Austen
Chris Austen
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Did a great job with my install. Even came all the way to Versailles to install!

Affordable Furnace Replacement in Cincinnati

Welcome to HVACDirect, your trusted source for budget-friendly furnace replacements in Cincinnati. At HVACDirect of Cincinnati, we prioritize transparency, fair pricing, and exceptional service for every homeowner.

Terms and conditions apply. See complete package details, exclusions, and additional options and extras. Financing terms are subject to approval. Monthly payments will differ based on eligibility and credit score. Other restrictions may apply.

HVACDirect of Cincinnati Quality Guarantee

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How It Works: The process of getting your Furnace Installed

Immediate Estimate

Call today or schedule an estimate and we’ll give you a price on the spot based on the size of your house and a few easy questions. That way you know exactly what to expect. No surprises!

Pre-Install Equipment Measurement

After your estimate, our technician will come out to your house to measure and look at your current equipment. This allows us to know exactly what we need to ensure a smooth installation. At that appointment we’ll schedule your install.


Our technician arrives with all the equipment and supplies needed in our all-in-one package. A typical install is completed in one day.

Quality Inspection

After your installation, we’ll ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your new system before we close out your order. We’re not done until your home is back to the comfort level you deserve!

Our Pricing: Furnace-Only Installations

Up to 1,400 sq ft
Furnace-Only Replacement

Tax Not Included

Up to 1,900 sq ft
Furnace-Only Replacement

Tax Not Included

1,900+ sq ft
Furnace-Only Replacement

Tax Not Included

*All financing monthly rate is based on full eligibility for zero percent financing offer up to 10 years, subject to approval. Monthly payment will differ based on eligibility and credit score. Other restrictions may apply.

All Packages Include:

  • One visit for equipment measurement + system installation

  • All necessary components

  • Covers all standard basement and ground-floor closet installs

  • Obstructions and/or attic & crawl space installs may require a custom estimate


Understanding Furnaces

Furnaces produce hot air, distributed throughout the house by ductwork—a series of ducts reaching each living area and ending in vents or registers.

Types of Furnace?

Gas Furnace
Electric Furnace

Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace: Runs on natural gas or propane, with varying efficiencies. The most common type found in US homes.

Diagram of airflow of an HVAC system

Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace: Ideal for areas where natural gas is expensive or unavailable. Clean operation, energy-efficient, and reliable.

Diagram of Furnace and Components

What to look for when buying a furnace

  • BTU (British Thermal Units): Heat output. Recommended 30-60 BTUs per square foot.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency): Determines energy efficiency. Higher ratings mean higher efficiency.

Stages: Furnaces have single-stage, two-stage, or modulating burners. Multiple stages reduce energy consumption.

The Importance of Expert Furnace Installation

Our trained staff ensures customers are aware of warranty requirements and the need for licensed installation. We take pride in offering the best warranties by selecting top brand partners.

Cost of Furnace Installation

While HVAC installation costs rise, HVACDirect of Cincinnati continues to provide affordable wholesale prices for furnace and AC systems. Our expert staff typically saves customers over $5,000 on a furnace/AC & coil package. Call us to start selecting the best HVAC solutions at wholesale prices, exclusively at HVACDirect of Cincinnati.

budget calculation


Sizing a furnace takes into account several factors: square footage, basement (finished or unfinished), insulation and other issues. Our staff will listen to the details, ask the right questions, and take all the factors into account. Then we can show you your best options, look at costs and help you select the perfect furnace fit for your home!

Our trained staff advises hundreds of customers each week on selection of the right furnace or HVAC system for their home or project. Once you know all the facts, and examine your options, you will find it simple to make the choice that is best for you. 

Before breakdown happens is always the right time to replace a furnace, but it often takes a failure to alert homeowners to problems! Most homeowners try to replace furnaces before winter sets in. If your furnace is over 15 years old, it is a good time to have a pro take a look at it, and see what may need attention. 

Any sign of faltering or struggle to run, noise, difficulty in starting, unexpectedly high utility bills, soot in the air: all are signs of trouble, along with advanced age. Most often it is wise to replace the coil at the same time as your furnace: they are a team! 

Because we are dealing with gas or other fuels, and because the manufacturers’ warranty requires a licensed installation to be registered, it is essential to use an HVAC professional in installation. 

Installation of a furnace usually requires less than a complete days’ work to install. Naturally the removal of the old unit and any adjustments or rerouting may require several hours. 

HVACDIRECT.COM maintains a complete staff of expert technical assistants and are available to our customers online and on the phone! 

Our trained expert sales staff is ready and able to advise you on all your HVAC options, including comparing and contrasting fuel type, sizing and efficiency. They are a call or click away!

We expect our systems to run beyond warranty, normally in excess of 15 years. It is not unusual for a furnace to run well for 20 years.

Warranties vary by brand. Our brand partners offer warranties from 10 Years, to 10 Years parts & Lifetime Heat Exchanger guarantees! 

The regular changing of filters is the number one maintenance tip. Clean vents or registers is important, along with listening to your system. Keep the area around your furnace clean and clear. Finally, it Is best to schedule yearly exams after the first 5 years as well. 

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