The Real Cost of HVAC: Another in a series of Real Case Studies: Oil Furnace & 3 Ton Air Conditioner with Coil

How Much Does HVAC Cost?

A couple in New Jersey was quoted over $14,000 for a new HVAC system, so they contacted us to see how much they could save. Read below to see the difference shopping online with can make.

A local HVAC company in New Jeresy quoted a couple $14,837 for an 100,000 BTU single stage oil burning furnace and 14.5 SEER 3 ton air conditioner with 3 Ton evapirator coil. No high efficiency option was discussed. In this case, despite the cold weather and early winters in New Jersey the different efficiency options available in the furnace were never discussed with customer, nor were the benefits. The difference is that we always discuss the options and benefits to our customers of any component or brand, and so have no particular agenda. They offered no new line-sets, choosing instead, without consulting the homeowners, to “blow out” the old line-set. The installer included a standard Honeywell thermostat in the quote. In addition, they were offered financing, a plan with monthly payments of $250. The quote called for $14,837! Our HVAC tech looked at their quote and instantly knew they were being overcharged for their equipment. Then he walked the customers through subjects of furnace efficiency, cold factors on the East Coast, and finding a local licensed HVAC technician. We decided on a 85% AFUE oil furnace provided 130,000 BTU’s and 14 SEER, 3 Ton air conditioner and paired it with an oversized 4 Ton evaporator coil, a common industry practice for heightened efficiency which their installer group did not apply. In addition we included all accessories from the old quote as well as upgraded furnace, coil, thermostat, 30 foot copper line-set and equitment pad. Their new quote from us was $5,450!

Key Points

  • Local quote: $14,837
  • Our quote: $5,450 (+ $1,500 – 2,000 for installation)
  • Savings: $9,387!
  • The local HVAC company tried to convince the customer to buy things they didn’t need, such as a high efficiency system and an expensive brand.
  • Our HVAC technician quoted only exactly what the customer needed, getting them a less expensive unit with no additional price markups!

Key Facts

We offer a lot of brands, experts by phone or chat, technical assistance and an online marketplace

Talk with experts by phone, get help with what you really need, the facts regarding costs and all accessories involved.

Receive a cart with itemized components and costs.

Know what is in stock, have tracking and trucking info in real time.

Learn how to locate a licensed installer if you do not already have one.

Get best price on the brand you prefer.

Receive our curated sales service from first step to last. Really understand what you need, what you are getting.

Buying HVAC the direct way means years of quailty comfort with confidence.

Local installer companies all follow the same tired pattern:

Local installer companies all follow the same tired pattern:

Hidden costs, inflated prices, and complicated quotes.

They sell what they have always sold, no matter your actual needs. They have no options, no alternatives for you.

They show up when they want, and there are always other people with them at install, people you don’t know and never met. Sometimes the rep isn’t even present at the install!

They try to scare you with threats of “no warranty if you buy online” and “no one has that brand” or “you better take this while you can get it.

Breakdown Costs

The local company’s Lennox equipment would have cost this customer $14,387.

Our cost for our AirQuest/ICP system was $5,450. That’s a savings of $8,937.

Average installation costs between $1,500 and $2,500. In this case, the installer’s cost was $2,000.

There are so many benefits to buying your furnace & air conditioner system online compared to local company’s.

  • Choose from different options and brands without any sales pressure.
  • Clear and honest wholesale pricing.
  • No limits on brands.
  • No heavily marked up prices.
  • Thousands of products in stock with no wait time.
  • You don’t have to work on an installer’s schedule to determine what equipment you need. We can do that for you in just minutes!

Key Points

  • Local installers use sales tactics to get you to pay more for things you don’t need.
  • Local installers heavily mark up their equipment costs. 
  • Local quotes don’t show you where your money is going, just one BIG price.
  • You could be waiting weeks for someone to show up.

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