How Much Does HVAC Cost?

How Much Does HVAC Cost?

A family in Ohio was quoted over $12,000 for a new HVAC system, so they contacted us to see how much they could save. Read below to see the difference shopping online with can make.

A local HVAC company in Troy, OH quoted a family $12,148 for an 88,000 BTU 96% furnace and 14 SEER 3 ton air conditioner. This is the high efficiency option.

The lower efficiency option was an 88,000 BTU 80% furnace and 13 SEER 3 ton air conditioner for $9,856.

 The family simply could not afford the up-front cost of either of these systems, so they called us.

Our HVAC technician instantly saw through this quote, and helped the customer save thousands of dollars.

Our HVAC tech looked at their quote and instantly knew they were being overcharged for their equipment. Then he walked the customer through the furnace and ac options that would fit their home, climate, and budget.

Key Points

  • Local quote: $12,142
  • Our quote: $2,347 (+ $1,500 – 2,000 for installation)
  • Savings: Savings: $7,800!
  • The local HVAC company tried to convince the customer to buy things they didn’t need, such as a high efficiency system and an expensive brand.
  • Our HVAC technician quoted only exactly what the customer needed, getting them a less expensive unit with no additional price markups!

The Local Tactics

No Itemized Bills

What they do – The prices listed on local quotes include all costs such equipment, installation, and any extra services or accessories. You have no way of knowing what you are actually paying for, so they can charge whatever they want with no explanation.

What we do – We have clearly listed prices with no hideen fees or costs. The price you see on our site is the price you pay! 

The High Efficiency Bait and Switch

What they do – High efficiency systems are a major selling point for local companies, and they will almost always suggest you order a high efficiency system even if you don’t need it to get you to spend more.

What we do – Our HVAC technician recommended a slightly lower efficiency system to ease the up-front cost.

He let the customer know that while this system may run a little more on energy bills, with their home being less than 2,000 square feet with good insulation, the difference wouldn’t be much.

Convincing You That Name Brand is “Better”

What they do- Local company’s will always tell to buy the “name brand” equipment, and try to convince you it is better.

What we do – Our tech knows this is typically not true, and the internal components of HVAC equipment are usually the same, no matter what brand you buy.

Comparing Costs

The local company’s 96% equipment would have cost this customer $10,148.

Our cost for this system from AirQuest would be $3,055.

That’s a savings of $5,509.

The local company’s 80% equipment would have cost this customer $7,856.

We were able to provide equipment of the same quality and specs from AirQuest for $2,347.

That’s a savings of $5,521.

Average installation costs between $1,500 and $2,500. In this case, the installer’s cost was $2,000.

There are so many benefits to buying your furnace & air conditioner system online compared to local company’s.

  • Choose from different options and brands without any sales pressure.
  • Clear and honest wholesale pricing.
  • No limits on brands.
  • No heavily marked up prices.
  • Thousands of products in stock with no wait time.
  • You don’t have to work on an installer’s schedule to determine what equipment you need. We can do that for you in just minutes!

Key Points

  • Local installers use sales tactics to get you to pay more for things you don’t need.
  • Local installers heavily mark up their equipment costs. 
  • Local quotes don’t show you where your money is going, just one BIG price.
  • You could be waiting weeks for someone to show up.

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